Our “Where’s My Bag?” series highlights Clark & Mayfield handbags in interesting locations around the world. Today we're featuring the Reed laptop handbag in Waterton, Canada.

Waterton Lake National Park, Alberta, Canada

Waterton Lake

Waterton Park is home to a beautiful diversity of scenery, being at the crux of Alberta's prairies and the towering Rocky Mountain range. This Canadian National Park borders the U.S.'s Glacier National Park and shares the responsibility of protecting the area's wildlife.

Unfortunately, Waterton Park was impacted by the Kenow Wildfire in September 2017, and some portions of the park remain closed for safety. (These images were taken before the fire.)

Nevertheless, what is open is still worth seeing!

Waterton is home to more than half of the region's plant species and hundreds of different animals, including bears, coyotes, and cougars. The park also has two national historic sites within its boundaries: The Prince of Wales Hotel and the First Oil Well in Western Canada. 

Perched on the bluff above Waterton, the Prince of Wales Hotel offers its guest beautiful views of Upper Waterton Lake and the surrounding mountains. Other accommodation options include a couple park campgrounds and backcountry camping.

Visitors can enjoy over 120 miles of hiking trails around the area's lakes and mountains. What better way to experience the natural beauty of Waterton Lake National Park?

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  • Michelle Chang