Our “Where’s My Bag?” series highlights Clark & Mayfield handbags in interesting locations around the world. This is a guest post by Rachel McGehee of Rebel + Connect. Rachel co-founded the Remote Work Summit. She recently the Remote Work Summit in Guatemala with the Clark & Mayfield Hawthorne laptop handbag in tow.


Guatemala actually translates as "land of the forests" and was derived from a Mayan dialect spoken by the indigenous tribes at the time of the Spanish conquest in 1523. Mayan culture is still very present throughout the country with Spanish influences as well.

With 37 volcanoes, lush rainforests, azure blue lakes and shoreline surfing, the country is rich with diverse landscapes and topography.

Whether you are searching for a relaxing retreat to the beach, some adventure filled group excursions, yoga and meditation, or time to gather together over delicious local fare, this country is a great location to explore.

Why I Went

I was recently in Guatemala to host Remote Work Summit, a destination style remote leadership conference tailored to the specific needs of business leaders who oversee remote teams.

The event was in San Marcos La Laguna, a rural town along the edge of Lake Atitlan. I was so happy to have my Clark & Mayfield Hawthorne bag with me for the journey to the lake.

After arriving at La Aurora International Airport, going through customs was a breeze, as all of the pockets in the Hawthorne bag keep my travel documents organized and easy to find. No scrambling and searching for customs forms and passports that may end up lost at the bottom of other bags.

We then hopped in a group shuttle to ride out to Panajachel where we then hopped on a public speed boat to ride across the lake to San Marcos. The Hawthorne bag kept my 15” Macbook Pro safe and secure in the center pocket, as well as my wallet, passport, phone and camera.

Everything I wanted to have easy access to was right there with me on my shoulder, and with the strong top zipper, there was no concern about anything falling out as I hopped from plane, to bus, to boat.

One of our lucky Remote Work Summit attendees even won a Clark & Mayfield roller bag! They were excited to use it to pack for their journey home.

After 5 days in San Marcos, we then spent a day in Antigua where I used my bag more. In San Marcos it was easier for me to use a backpack, but the Hawthorne bag is great for cities like Antigua. It’s stylish and practical, which is great for an on-the-go lifestyle. It also slides right over the handle of my rolling bag, allowing me to keep one hand free if I need to use my phone or a map.

If you make it to Guatemala, be sure to make the trek out to San Marcos. And definitely spend some time at the chocolate museum (Choco Museo) in Antigua or one of the many coffee plantations offering tours and tastings. R. Dalton Coffee is one of my favorites.

There are also beautiful Mayan ruins scattered throughout the country, and Chuwa Nima Ab' Aj' is my number one recommendation. These ruins are not crowded with tourists. Often times you can wander through and end up being the only people there other than the occasional Guatemalan family having an afternoon picnic inside the grounds.

I highly recommend exploring all of the adventure and culture Guatemala has to offer...and don’t forget, it’s even better with a Clark & Mayfield bag.

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