5+ Female Focused Workspaces You Should Know About

5+ Female Focused Workspaces You Should Know About

Women-centric workspaces are on the rise, according to CBS News. These female only co-working centers are "tapping into a desire among many women to build a community and supportive environment at work that's different from a stereotypical corporate workplace culture."

Like most co-working spaces, desks and coffee are provided. But there are also programs with high-profile female speakers and networking opportunities on offer. 

Here are a few examples of popular female-focused workspaces:

The Wing

The Wing is the industry leader for women-focused workspaces. Their $2,700 annual membership provides access to beautiful workplaces in major U.S. cities, London, and Toronto (a single-city membership is a few hundred dollars less).

Conference rooms, phone booths, lending library, showers, beauty room, cafe, and a full calendar of events are also included. Perhaps most importantly is the supportive community and the chance to be in the same room with famous women like Hillary Clinton and Jennifer Lawrence.

The Riveter

Another space bringing in high-profile speakers and professional development programming is The Riveter. Their spaces in Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Austin, Dallas, Denver, and Minneapolis can be accessed by a resident membership starting at $99 per month.

The Riveter's tagline is "built by women, for everyone." About a quarter of the members are men.


HeraHub is a Benefit Corporation billed as a spa-inspired coworking space and business accelerator. They currently offer locations in California, DC, Phoenix, Atlanta, and Sweden. Monthly memberships range from $79-$389 per month.

Other Female-Centric Coworking Spaces in the U.S.

Many more women-focused workspaces are popping up in cities nationwide. Most have just a single location or are focused on a specific region. Examples include:

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