10 Tips for Creating A Workspace You'll Love to Work In

10 Tips for Creating A Workspace You'll Love to Work In

Your desk and workspace should inspire productivity and creativity. Here are 10 tips and inspirations to create a workspace you'll love to work in.

1. Go minimal

An organized and uncluttered desk allows you to focus on what matters without getting distracted. 

2. Give your desk some life

Indoor plants not only add color and a sense of life, they also help clean the air in the room. 

3. Let there be light

When possible, take advantage of natural lighting. Sunlight is naturally uplifting and can help you feel alert and creative in your space. 

4. Invest in quality accessories

A second monitor can enhance visual tasks and ease your productivity. Pick out quality desk accessories, like a mouse pad or reading light, that are sturdy, functional, and attractive.

5. Make smart use of your space

Even in small spaces, it's worth carving out a corner that's specifically for your work. This alone can boost your productivity compared to trying to work from a couch or kitchen table.

6. Add personal touches

Favorite family photos or art work can create an uplifting and inspiring work space. Be intentional about the images you'll see when not staring at the computer.

7. Add inspiring words

Consider placing a favorite motto or vision statement on your desk where you can be reminded of it every day. 

8. Craft your colors

Another way to personalize your space is with a theme or favorite color. According to color psychologist, Angela Wright, bright colors will stimulate and low saturated colors will soothe. Blue stimulates the mind and is great for intellectual productivity, while yellow stimulates emotion and is great for creativity.

9. Try a change of scenery

Sometimes our work flows best with routine. Other times, a change of scenery sparks new perspectives or allows you to feel a sense of variety in an otherwise ordinary day. If weather allows, why not create a temporary workspace outside for a bit?


10. Find your flair

Maybe minimal isn't your style. The important thing is to create a workspace that works best for you and supports your work. Jazz things up with bold prints, vintage treasures, or even a fish tank!

What do you love about your workspace? What inspires you to be productive and creative? We hope these tips and ideas will help you create a workspace you truly love.

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  • Michelle Chang