Teacher Side Hustles Help Educators Make Extra Money

Teacher Side Hustles Help Educators Make Extra Money

Teachers have important but often low-paying jobs, so earning a little extra income can come in handy. That's where a side hustle comes in.

The popular daily podcast, Side Hustle School, features real world side hustle stories. Not surprisingly, a number of the side businesses have come from teachers.

Here are four inspiring case studies we think you'll love, from teachers making extra money on the side:

ESL Teacher Plans Custom Trips

In North Carolina, ESL teacher, Charlotte McGhee, loved planning travel for people. She recently launched Whisked Away, where clients tell her the region of the world they'd like to travel in, their budget, their travel dates, and their interests. With this information, Charlotte crafts a completely customized trip to a surprise destination in the region of their choice. Hear the whole story on Side Hustle School episode 346. 

Teacher Couple Creates Summer Camp

In Austin, Texas, elementary school teachers, Mike and Joy Engel, were saving up for an impending adoption. Preferring a break from formal teaching at summer school, they created Camp Fun Brain, a summer camp with both academic rigor and hands-on projects. They netted $15K in profit the first summer. For Joy, her ability to pay other teachers well was one of the best parts of the experience. Hear the whole story on Side Hustle School episode 405.

New Mom Sells Niche Lesson Plans

When agricultural education teacher, Alicia Tomlinson, became a mother, she decided that she wasn’t going back for the next school year. But before long, her fellow teachers began asking her about making course materials for them. This led to her side hustle, One Less Thing, focused on products for agricultural education teachers. The first was a review game all about the Future Farmers of America. Then, she began making other class materials, study cards, and lesson plans. Now, the business makes $200,000 a year! Both Alicia and her husband work on it full-time to support their family of five. Hear the whole story on Side Hustle School episode 592.

Choir Instructor Creates Digital Workbooks and Membership Site

In Maine, school choir teacher, Erin Lowell, was facing a $600 price tag to provide sight-reading workbooks to all of her students. So instead, she made her own with a musical notation program and a simple word processor. Having proven that the workbooks were effective, Erin decided to transition her ebook series into an online membership program with her hustle, The Practice Room The memberships brings in a monthly average of $800 per month. Hear the whole story on Side Hustle School episode 430. 

 Have you tried a side hustle yourself? What do you think of these side hustle ideas?

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  • Michelle Chang