Where's My Bag: Zadar, Croatia

Where's My Bag: Zadar, Croatia

Our "Where's My Bag" series features Clark & Mayfield laptop bags and their owners in different parts of the world. In this edition, Michelle C. of IntentionalTravelers.com is traveling with her Corbett cork backpack in cocoa brown.

Zadar, Croatia

Zadar is located in the middle of Croatia's beautiful coastline. Though not as over-run by vacationers as Split and Dubrovnik further South, for the past decade or so, Zadar has seen a growing tourist season every summer.

Zadar's charming Old Town sits on a small peninsula, surrounded by fortification walls. The city was founded by Romans, so Roman ruins and narrow streets are found in the town center. 

Zadar ruins

The area is known for its beaches, seafood, ancient architecture, vineyards, fresh produce markets, and seaside promenade. Zadar is also just an hour or two from Croatia's most famous National Parks with their cascading waterfalls.

Zadar Croatia marina

A relatively new addition to Old Town's coastline is the sea organ and Going To The Sun solar light display. Both were engineered by a Croatian designer who used natural elements - the waves and the sun - to produce music and art for the public to enjoy. This is a popular place for locals and visitors to watch the sun set every evening.

Zadar sea organ

Why We Went

Croatia has made a big name for itself on the travel scene lately. We kept hearing friends and family raving about their trips to Croatia, so when the opportunity came to spend some time in Europe again, we made sure to add it to our itinerary.

After a month in Tuscany, we flew from Rome to Zadar to stay for the month of November. We chose Zadar for its mild Fall Mediterranean weather, interesting sightseeing and day trips, and because it's still "up and coming." We wanted a place we could settle in like home, get plenty of online work done, and not be bothered by large crowds of tourists. Zadar is that place!

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While Croatia's tourist season ends in the early days of Fall, we've found the off season to suit us well. Beach bars are closed up and some attractions have limited hours, but that's not a problem for us. We have truly enjoyed the glimpse into local life and the chance to explore this part of the country from such a beautiful home base.

Corbett laptop backpack for travel, Croatia 

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