Clark & Mayfield bags were designed for travel, for work on the go, and for a smooth transition between the day's demanding tasks and the times we can kick back. Collectively, our handbags have traveled far and wide on countless trips around the globe.

These are just a few of the destinations our Clark & Mayfield bags have shown up over the years:

"I need to say thanks for the Clark & Mayfield laptop bag. I've had it for YEARS. I can't even remember how many years now, but it's indispensable. I use it for my Chromebook while traveling, as my carry on, and as the repository for everyone's important stuff. Anyway, couldn't manage this Ireland trip without it, and not just because it's green. 🍀 "

Click to see more from: SaquisiliBaños, and Cuenca in Ecuador

Click to see more from Galina on the North Coast and Jamaica in general

Click to learn more about Iwakuni, Japan

Click to see more from Mérida, Mexico

And many more...

That's not all. Click any of the links below to see our bags in action in these amazing destinations around the world:

And from our home town in Portland, Oregon: the Kenton neighborhood, Sellwood neighborhood, and St. Johns neighborhood.

Clark & Mayfield's laptop bags are traveling the world in our Where's My Bag series, with 30 travel destinations and counting! Visit our blog to browse travel pics and learn about our beautiful travel laptop bags.

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  • Michelle Chang