The “Where’s My Bag?” series highlights Clark & Mayfield bags in interesting locations around the world. This is a guest post by Michelle C. of IntentionalTravelers.com. Michelle and her husband are "digital nomads," running their business online as they travel. As a proud owner of our Morrison laptop bag, Michelle will be sharing about some of the destinations she's visited with this Clark & Mayfield bag in tow.


When you image Hawaii, a big city is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. But the State capitol, Honolulu, is actually home to around one million people. Today my Clark & Mayfield Morrison bag is accompanying me in the Honolulu International Airport, one of the busiest airports in the US.

Why We Went

My husband, Jedd, was born and raised in Honolulu, so we visit the island of Oahu once or twice in a typical year. This time around, we stayed over a month, with our primary aim being to assist Jedd's parents in moving abroad for a job transfer. Unlike the typical visitor to Hawaii, we spent most of our days running errands, doing home repair projects, visiting friends and family, and working from our laptops. While it was not a vacation, we certainly appreciated the sunny weather and did lots of hiking in our spare time.

Most people who visit Honolulu will hike Diamond Head or Koko Head, but we like to get off the beaten path. We had the opportunity to try some fun, new hikes like Maunawili Falls, the Old Pali Road, and Aiea Loop Trail. We're endlessly impressed by the flora and fauna we see on these trails, like this majestic tree at Maunawili.

What's Next?

The other reason the Honolulu Airport is so significant to us this week is because we are making our first trip west of the Hawaiian islands! For the month of April, we will be experiencing Asia for the first time. We're flying out of Honolulu to Hanoi, Vietnam to visit friends. Then we'll be heading to Iwakuni, Japan to reconnect with Jedd's parents in their new home. As always, I'll have my Morrison bag with me as carry-on luggage for safe, easy and organized traveling.

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