The “Where’s My Bag?” series highlights Clark & Mayfield bags in interesting locations around the world. This is a guest post by Michelle C. of IntentionalTravelers.com. Michelle and her husband are "digital nomads," running their business online as they travel. As a proud owner of our Morrison laptop bag, Michelle shares about some of the destinations she's visited with this Clark & Mayfield bag in tow.


Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark, situated between Germany and the rest of Scandinavia. Consistently ranked among the top for its high quality of life, Copenhagen is home to many of today's famous architects, designers, and chefs. 

My husband and I jumped at the opportunity to visit Denmark for the first time this past August. The picture above was taken in the Copenhagen central train station. After a week in the city, we took a train out to a neighboring island to experience rural Denmark. It was an unforgettable trip that taught us a lot about Danish culture.

Why We Went

We were able to extend our summer Europe trip by hopping over to Denmark, thanks to a college friend who married a Dane and has been living in Copenhagen for the past 8 years. They hosted us for about a week and then connected us with their friends who had a small country farm. Getting to experience Danish food and culture with these two families was priceless.

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  • Michelle Chang