The “Where’s My Bag?” series highlights Clark & Mayfield bags in interesting locations around the world. This post features Clark & Mayfield founder, Lauri DeLaczay, with her Morrison bag on a trip to Europe with her family.

Berlin, Germany

Once the drab Cold War capitol of Germany and made famous for its divisive wall, Berlin today is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city. Boasting high culture and low prices, it's very affordable for visitors to enjoy both its rich history and modern amenities.

As the Cold War ended and the reunification of Germany was around the corner, the Berlin Wall fell and was mostly demolished. Today, the East Side Gallery preserves a large portion of the wall. This is just one of many historical sites, museums, and palaces along with the numerous cafes and active nightlife that draw visitors to Berlin.

Why They Went

This trip to Europe was part of the language education program at their daughter's school, so Lauri and Barry joined the group of students and other family members for a tour of Germany. They then took time to explore Berlin, Oslo, and Prague on their own.

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  • Michelle Chang