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At Clark & Mayfield, we offer a variety of tech-friendly bags for women. Each style meets a different need. Our cross-body bags are perfect for protecting tablets and e-readers. Women who want the style of a purse that can comfortably carry a laptop, will find a variety of suitable handbags in our collection.

Last but not least, our designs also include rolling laptop bags. Here's why the rolling laptop bag might benefit you: 

Rolling laptop bags are spacious. Each of our rolling bags are at least 17 inches and can fit large laptops and hefty multi-media equipment. On top of that, they're full of useful pockets for all your other belongings.

Carry a heavier load. These laptop bags have a sturdy light-weight frame to accommodate heavy tech, books, etc. They can be carried by hand, but you'll save strain on your back, shoulders, and fingers by rolling it instead. Just extend the handle and you're good to go.

Double up with another bag. Thanks to the extension handle, you can set a smaller bag on top of the wheeled roller. Or, if you're traveling with a larger suitcase, use the slip strap to slide the laptop bag securely over the handle of another rolling bag!

Be versatile. Wheeled laptop bags are truly multi-functional. Use them as a rolling briefcase for meetings, a carry-all for conferences, an overnight bag for short trips, or as carry-on luggage you can store overhead in the airplane.   

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  • Michelle Chang
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  • Florence Welch
    Florence Welch

    It sure got my attention when you mentioned that laptop bags help you carry a heavier load to accommodate your heavy tech instruments without straining your back and shoulders. I’m planning on buying my son a laptop backpack bag. He owns a huge 16" gaming laptop which is bulky because of its insane specs. He’s complaining that it’s too heavy for him to carry in his shoulder bag. That is why I’m buying him a backpack to have better support and balance so he can bring his laptop wherever he goes.

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