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When flying a long-haul flight, it's time to prioritize comfort in your wardrobe. While comfort comes before style on these long travel days, you can still look good before (and even after) the flight!

Tips for choosing clothing for a long flight

Look for:

  • Comfortable, stretchy fabrics
  • Pants that aren't too tight around the waist
  • Dark colors in case of spills
  • Layers that help you adjust between your departure and arrival climates
  • Clothes that are easy to manage through security
  • Minimize metal accessories that might set off the security metal detector

Leggings or baggy pants

When seated for several hours, you're going to want pants that are comfy and stretchy. Choose a dark or patterned pant, because airplane turbulence can make anyone more prone to spills! 

A loose tunic

Choose a comfortable base layer that can transition from your departure climate to the airplane AC. Remember you can always add layers and, if you have the right carry-on bag, bring a change of clothes for your arrival.

Comfy sweater or light jacket

A light top layer that's easy to take off and on, whether you're in the security line or a cramped airplane seat, allows you to adjust to changes in temperature throughout your voyage.

Slip on shoes

Shoes should be chosen with two things in mind: one, staying comfortable in flight when your feet naturally swell a bit and two, being able to slip them on and off quickly during security checks. Make sure they're well broken in and not too tight.

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  • Michelle Chang