The Magic of Vegan Cork Fabric

The Magic of Vegan Cork Fabric

You may have noticed that the latest addition to the Clark & Mayfield laptop bag collection is a line of backpacks, the Corbett, made from natural cork material.

Did you know that cork is one of the best vegan and eco-friendly fabrics you'll find?

About Cork Fabric

Cork fabric is 100% natural, water repellent, stain resistant and scratch-proof. Plus it has a unique look that exudes quality. Each product made from cork is as unique as a fingerprint! And with half of its volume being air, it's light-weight as well.

How is cork material made?

Cork is harvested from trees, primarily from Portugal and other parts of Southern Europe. It is then left to air dry for six months. 

Next, it’s boiled and steamed to improve the elasticity. Heat and pressure help press it into blocks, which can be sliced into thin sheets. These sheets become the base of cork fabric for a variety of accessories, like our backpacks.

Unlike the heavy chemical processing of leather, cork leather production is chemical-free. In fact, it's the perfect alternative to animal leather. But you might be wondering how will it last?

How durable is cork fabric?

Cork generally ages just as well as leather. It can age without deteriorating, thanks to a waxy substance in the cell walls which make it water-resistant. The material is essentially impermeable to both liquids and gases.

Also, cork's honeycomb structure makes it highly abrasion-resistant. Even NASA uses cork as a go-to material!

And finally, cork also happens to be a natural fire retardant.

How can you clean cork fabric?

As your cork backpack endures over the years, you may encounter spills or dirt build up. Fortunately, cork is very low-maintenance. You can clean vegan cork accessories very simply with water and soap. You can even soak the product and let it air dry – no laundry machine or dry cleaner necessary.

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  • Michelle Chang