Our “Where’s My Bag?” series highlights Clark & Mayfield handbags in interesting locations around the world. This is a guest post by Michelle C. of IntentionalTravelers.com. Michelle and her husband are "digital nomads," running their business online as they travel. Michelle is currently traveling with the Clark & Mayfield Stafford Pro laptop handbag in deep teal.

Tuscany's Etruscan Coast

When most people think of traveling to Tuscany, names like Florence, Siena, San Gimignano, and Cortona probably come to mind, with their rolling hills of vineyards and charming medieval villages. But Tuscany's Etruscan Coast, stretching south of Pisa along the west, remains relatively unknown.

The Etruscan Coast has become a paradise for cyclists and gourmands, thanks to its stunning Tuscan landscape and abundance of fresh, local produce. In the province of Bolgheri, French-style wines have rapidly made a name for themselves over the past 40 years. Whereas all of Tuscany can boast of rural beauty, culinary delights, and quaint towns, the Etruscan Coast tops this off with the element of the sea. In fact, its beaches have become a popular place for Northern Europeans to escape in the summertime. 

Although beach-side towns do see crowds in the summers, tourism in this area is surprisingly mild and sight-seeing can be enjoyed in peace.

Italian gelato is a highlight no matter where you go in Italy. In the town of Cecina, you'll find specialty flavors like pistachio or blackberry.

To learn more about things to do in this area, visit our Guide to Tuscany's Etruscan Coast.

Why We Went

This part of Tuscany was not on our radar at all, but a friend of ours connected us to a woman in Castagneto Carducci who hosts cooking classes in her home. She regularly hosts volunteers to assist with the classes for groups of bicycle tours that come through town; in exchange, she provides room and board for volunteers. We really enjoyed the opportunity to stay with her for about six weeks this Fall, becoming part of her family, learning how to cook, and exploring the area in our free time. 

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  • Michelle Chang