Is traveling with kids or living abroad with a young family out of reach? Well, there are actually countless examples online of families who have successfully taken off with little ones in tow. Whether it's biking across the country together, or taking a year off to circle the globe, or transplanting permanently to a foreign country, real families of all kinds are making it happen.

Here are four of our favorite examples, each with their own unique spin on long-term family travel:

The Art of Simple Travel

Tsh Oxenreider is a full-time blogger, running the site Art of Simple. Last year, she and her family of five sold their house and did an around-the-world trip for 9 months. Tsh and her husband continued their online work and the kids - ages 4 through 10 - took their homeschooling on the road. Their trip has since been completed and they've settled back in Texas, but you can still check out their updates and tips from around the world.

Y Travel

Caz and Craig are full-time bloggers from Australia who travel with their family of four. They've been traveling for 16 years, living and working in five different countries, and traveling Australia in a camper trailer with their daughters. Their website is focused on helping other travels. 

Worldschool Family

If you thought traveling with a family of four or five was impressive, try a family of nine. Greg and Rachel Denning's nomadic family have lived and worked in several countries, driven from Alaska to Argentina, and even birthed new members of their tribe while abroad! They're passionate about education and world-schooling.

Ditching Suburbia

The Boyinks traded in the "American Dream" to set off on a year-long RV trip when their two kids were teenagers. Thanks to an internet-based income and homeschooling, they were able to visit 34 States and 16 National Parks in that first year, and they fell in love with the lifestyle. Ever since, they have continued living out of their RV full time. Their oldest, age 19, recently moved out to take a full-time job in Michigan.

Head to the Boyink's website to see a list of blogs from 140+ full-time RVing families.

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  • Michelle Chang