The Clark & Mayfield community has its fair share of jet setters, and we love to dream of traveling off to new places! This week, we've compiled the latest trends in travel along with some inspirational ideas for your next trip. Off we go!

Wellness Retreats

Health and wellness are key ingredients to a full and happy life, so it's only natural that they are being incorporated more and more into our vacations. Rather than over-indulging and playing couch potatoes, travelers today are looking to stay active and recenter their lives. 

Check out these trip ideas that promote wellness:


It's becoming more popular for travelers to use their vacation days to see a new place while also making a difference. Top destinations, according to Go Overseas are South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Europe. Opportunities to volunteer range from wildlife conservation to medical missions and teaching abroad. Volunteers should be judicious and well-informed to ensure that the program they select is trustworthy and their contribution will indeed be helpful (see the Voluntourist's Dilemma to learn more).

Try these organizations to find a volunteer travel opportunity:

Unique local experiences

According to a recent study by Topdeck Travel, getting an authentic, cultural experience is especially important among millennial travelers. Sampling street food, being immersed in the culture, and staying with local families are growing trends for folks who aren't satisfied with cookie-cutter resorts. 

To dive into the local experience in a new place, try these strategies:

  • Jump on a cultural tour or visit the great outdoors with a trusted local guide from Urban Adventures (available in cities world-wide)
  • Book a stay with a local Airbnb host who's keen on showing you around (use this link to get $20 off your first stay)
  • Feed and bathe rescued elephants at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, an elephant sanctuary that's free from exploitation


The combination of business mixed with pleasure is on the rise in travel. Over 60% of business travelers reported extending their trips by several days to explore a new place, according to Bridge Street Hospitality Network. Rather than keeping your conference trip or international meeting strictly work-work-work, tack on a day tour or take a couple nights out to enjoy the local cuisine! 



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