Whether you're a classroom teacher or a homeschool parent, handy gadgets in the classroom can make your life easier and improve the learning experience for your students. If you're looking for a teacher appreciation gift that will go to good use, check out these gadget and accessory gift ideas that will truly be appreciated!


If you don't already have it, a portable laminator can come in handy for all kinds of projects. It's a great way to make name tags, cards, posters more durable so they can stand the test of time. The Scotch thermal laminator is known for being extra speedy and easy to use.

Signature Stamp

Find yourself signing papers over and over? Those finger cramps would be gone with the press of a stamp. Customize a stamp with your name from a variety of fonts and colors to have your own personalized signature stamp.

Label Maker

Another useful tool for keeping a learning space organized is a label maker. You can label file folders, drawers, supply boxes, and more with adhesive tape. The Brother P-Touch is light weight, has a full keyboard and screen where you can preview the text before printing. 

Amazon Echo Dot

You'll really meet this generation where they're at with the interactive Amazon Echo Dot. You can ask it about the day's weather forecast, have it set a timer, throw out random facts, play guessing games... the possibilities are endless. And you can count on it being popular with kids.

teacher planner pack

Teacher Planner

A printable planning kit can make lesson planning, rosters, and other scheduling a breeze. Download and customize the templates, then print out as many as you need, or save them to a computer as PDFs.

Bookmark Timer

These hand-held timers can be set to count down from a specified period of time, so students can do self-directed activities with a built-in reminder of when the activity should end. Teachers like to use these when sending students one by one to the library, for example - set the timer to help them find a book and return to class in a timely manner.

teacher planner

Custom Phone Dock

If you're prone to losing your keys, phone, and other accessories, then a phone dock is a great tool to keep everything in one place on your desk. It can hold your phone, watch, glasses, keys, pens, coins, etc. and comes with a personalized photo - which makes it a great gift idea for teachers!

laptop handbag for teacher

Laptop Bag

There's no better way to carry your various gadgets and electronics to class than with a stylish handbag designed to protect your gear. Clark & Mayfield technology handbags are perfect for teachers. Each one has a padded laptop or tablet sleeve, in addition to purse pockets and other handy features to keep you organized.

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  • Michelle Chang