Summer is here and we have the travel itch! But where in the world to go? Check out these top 10 international destinations for summer 2018. This list is designed to inspire your next summer trip and point you toward some great summer travel deals!

1. TOKYO - Visit ancient shrines and temples, devour some sushi, shop for high-tech souvenirs, and more in this action-packed city.
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2. PARIS - Snap your selfies with the Eiffel Tower, visit famous art museums, and eat your fill of crepes and croissants! 
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3. LISBON Take the historic trolley around town, admire Lisbon's colorful buildings from scenic viewpoints, sample pastries, and pop into the Tile Museum
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4. BANGKOK - Eat like a king, visit temples and palaces, enjoy high end spas, zip around on public transit, and explore the bustling local markets.
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5. KYOTO - Travel back in time by visiting historic temples, shrines, castles, and ancient neighborhoods in this culturally rich city.
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6. LONDON - Immerse yourself in royal palaces, museums, parks, and charming neighborhoods.
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7. BARCELONA - Feast on fusion cuisines, enjoy whimsical art, explore charming streets and their vibrant street art in this popular coastal city. 
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8. SEOUL - Visit grand palaces, traditional markets, sample Korean BBQ, and shop in high end malls. 
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9. OSAKA - Walk the grounds of a historic castle, explore the shopping streets, mingle with the "salarymen" at late night bars, and order in a restaurant via iPad.
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10. ROME - Witness centuries of history on every corner, from the Coliseum to the countless cathedrals, and don't forget to sample all the gelato you can get your hands on. 
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  • Michelle Chang