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Clark & Mayfield laptop bags are named after the tree-lined streets and neighborhoods of Portland, Oregon - the place we’re proud to call home.

Our Stafford collection gets its namesake from Stafford Road, in verdant Southwest Portland. The community of Stafford was named in the 1860's by a prominent Portland pioneer whose hometown was Stafford, Ohio. Today, Stafford Road is a bustling panoramic arterial that connects hilly residential neighborhoods, and winds into downtown Portland.

Our first ever rolling bag took on the Stafford namesake, along with its sister handbags: the Stafford Pro and Stafford Vintage Leather handbag.

The Stafford is the perfect assistant - minus the attitude. Holds everything without being asked. makes you look good and feel confident. Knows what you're thinking and where you put everything, even your e-reader. Protects your laptop at all costs and organizes the details you don't have time for.

Hang on tight. Good help is hard to find.

Available in black and red top grain leather, with or without wheels. SHOP NOW >


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  • Michelle Chang
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