According to Portland-based author and entrepreneur, Chris Guillebeau:

"A side hustle isn't just nice. It's necessary." 

What is a side hustle?

A side hustle is a project or business that brings you extra money, apart from your day job. For many successful side hustlers, it has the potential to eventually replace traditional work - but it doesn't have to. It can simply be an additional source of income, providing you an outlet to develop skills and use your creativity.

When job security gets unpredictable, or your work no longer meets your needs - whether mentally or financially, it's a good idea to have something going on the side. A side hustle reduces your vulnerability to job loss and gives you options if you ever want to change directions with work.

Starting a side hustle is low risk. You don't have to quit your job to start one. You can begin small and build it up over time. Today's online tools have opened a lot of doors for solopreneurs and side hustlers. If it doesn't work out, all you'll really lose is your time - but you'll probably gain valuable experience and skills along the way. 

Get ideas for your own side hustle

There's a new, free resource available to anyone who wants to start a side hustle. Launched in January 2017, Chris Guillebeau is now producing a daily podcast called Side Hustle School. Each day he shares a profitable side hustle story from the real world, breaking down the strategies that led them to success, with actionable take-aways that can be applied to your own situation. 

Side Hustle School podcast episodes include stories like:

  • College Lecturer Makes Money By Helping Other Instructors Teach Better
  • How One Man Used A $100 Microphone To Make Over $8,000
  • “AIRBNB For Dogs”: Woman Hosts Pets At Her Home For $200/Day
  • 17-Year Old Canadian Makes $7,000 From Holiday Pop-Up Shop
  • PE Teacher Makes $11,000 With Membership Site

The ideas range from ordinary to outlandish from every business niche you can imagine. And the success stories include projects bringing in a little extra pocket money to businesses that sky-rocket to six figures.

The concise, info-driven episodes are great for getting your entrepreneurial creativity flowing and for learning practical strategies to start your own side hustle. You can start enjoying the daily podcast here:



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  • Michelle Chang