As you may know, Apple's iPad Pro is the ultimate tablet, reaching the highest standards in sound, display, speed, and more. But with a price tag that rivals regular laptops, how do you know if the iPad Pro is right for you?

Visual arts

If you want a tablet to display high definition photography, doodle, create digital art, or have the highest quality entertainment experience, then the iPad Pro may be for you. Its retina display is bigger and better than ever before. And thanks to the Apple Pencil, you can now scribble, write, sketch, do calligraphy or technical drawing on the iPad Pro, just like you would on paper. The iPad Pro makes an excellent digital canvas.

Light work

Apple's easily attachable Smart Keyboard provides a decent typing experience and the dual screen display allows iPad Pro users to work more fluidly than they could with previous tablets. Whereas it can be a real pain to copy and paste from one application to another on the regular iPad, that road block is no longer an issue with the Pro. Heavy report writing and other work tasks may still be best done on a laptop or desktop computer (see our post on Laptop Vs. Tablet).

If you decide to go with the iPad Pro...

First of all, you'll have two options for size. According to most reviews, the smaller 9.7" iPad Pro is usually the favorite and comes in $200 cheaper. However, if your priority is a bigger display, the original is 12.9".

The 9.7" iPad Pro will fit comfortably in a Clark & Mayfield tablet handbag, whereas the 12.9" iPad Pro would need something roomier - like any of the padded sleeves of our laptop handbags.


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  • Michelle Chang