Self-care is all about taking steps to protect and promote your physical, mental, and emotional health. For busy moms who are used to putting everyone else's needs first, self care is an important practice. By taking care of your own needs, you're actually better able to take care of others. 

Here are some strategies that can help you stay sane, find renewed energy, and be ready to tackle whatever comes next in your busy schedule.

Identify a healthy treat.

We may be in the habit of "rewarding" ourselves with treats like a sugary dessert or a shopping spree. These things can backfire when the initial pleasure wears off and you're left with a sugar low, an empty bank account, and feelings of guilt or regret. 

What's something simple and nice you can do for yourself that won't leave you feeling lousy later on? This can be different for everyone, but it's important to do some soul searching and find a healthy treat that will work for you. 

Here are some ideas:

  • Go for a walk in a quiet neighbor hood or scenic area - Try to have a stroller, jackets, your podcast player, and anything else ready so there's less hassle.
  • Take a bath - Jump in during nap time or after the kids' bed time, and just relax.
  • Practice a hobby - Find a "default activity" you really enjoy and can pick up whenever there's down time. Knitting is great for this, or sketching in a blank journal, photography - try to pick something that you can easily stop and start and doesn't require too much equipment.
  • Socialize - This one's especially important for extroverts. Schedule girls nights or mommy/kids dates. Arrange a babysitter or childcare swap with your friends.
  • Take a nap - This can be a luxury to itself, if you can find the time to fit it in. Sleep is essential to your health and sanity, so be sure to prioritize your sleep time.

Learn to Say No

You have piles and piles of responsibilities as it is. You don't have to agree to everything that everyone asks you to do. Only say yes if it's something you really enjoy. Otherwise, decide how you want to prioritize your time. Remember that saying no to good things allows you to do the important things even better.

Understanding your own personality and motivation is always helpful. Check out our post on the 4 tendencies to gain insight into what works best for you.

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  • Michelle Chang