Should you get a rolling bag or a shoulder handbag?

Should you get a rolling bag or a shoulder handbag?

The best way to decide between a rolling bag or a shoulder bag is to consider your most common activities. Here are some questions to help you choose the right bag for you, whether you're using it for work or travel, or both.

  • How much weight do you typically need to carry and for how long? A laptop obviously adds weight to your bag, but if you're carrying it for short distances, a shoulder bag can work just fine. If you have a heavier load or spend much of the day walking around with the bag, then a rolling laptop bag is probably a better idea.
  • Do you usually have clear, smooth pathways to navigate? Is there elevator/escalator access where you typically go? If your work place has bumpy cobble stone paths or lots of stairs, the rolling bag becomes less convenient. Of course, rolling bags can also be carried by hand, but real benefit is saving strain on your back, shoulders, and fingers. (This is usually not a problem in the U.S. where A.D.A. regulations help ensure better accessibility.)

At Clark & Mayfield, we offer a variety of tech-friendly bags for women. All of our handbags are spacious and sturdy. They come with tech-friendly padded sleeves and smart pockets for everything else. 

The real choice is whether you like the tradition purse-style handbag or something more like a wheeled briefcase. Each style meets a different need. Once you've determined your most common activities, we're confident you'll find a handbag at Clark & Mayfield that will suit your needs (and look great, too!).


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  • Michelle Chang