Once a small settlement started by a pioneer named James John, few realize that the St. Johns area actually became its own municipality. The neighborhood did not incorporate into the greater city of Portland until 1915. Even today, St. Johns maintains a detached, small town feel - despite being just a 12 minute drive into downtown Portland via the iconic St. John's bridge.

Many residents of St. Johns have been planted in the area for generations and it still remains to be one of the most affordable corners of Portland. Perhaps the lower cost of living is what has caused this neighborhood to experience steady growth and development in recent years.

A staple of St. Johns' walkable commercial center is the St. Johns Twin Cinemas, which serves up pizza and drinks to go along with your $6 first-run matinee films.

New businesses, condos, apartments - and even a new, alternative college - are popping up around the neighborhood's tried-and-true favorites. If you happen to pass through on a Saturday, be sure to check out the friendly farmer's market.

Of course, what Clark & Mayfield neighborhood visit is complete without a Clark & Mayfield laptop bag? Our crowd favorite, the Morrison Leather Laptop Bag, is pictured below in Cathedral Park, below the St. Johns Bridge, and outside the neighborhood grade school, James John.

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  • Michelle Chang