Get Scheduled: Best Planners for 2019

Get Scheduled: Best Planners for 2019

What are your plans for 2019? How will you keep up with your goals for the New Year?

If you haven’t already, this is a great time to find the perfect planner and start things off fresh. While many of us keep our calendar and notes online these days, there’s still something we love about having a hard copy planner. The right planner can help keep us motivated and on track.

Check out our favorite planners for 2019 below to find one that suits you best.

Year Compass - Free Reflection and Goal Setting Planner

The Year Compass is a 20-page printable PDF booklet. It’s designed to help you review the previous year and set intentions for the coming year. The idea is to sit down, reflect, and write out answers to the reflection questions.

Unlike the other planners in our list, this one is strictly for “big picture” planning. While you only do the writing activity once, you can refer back to it throughout the year to reconnect with your priorities and plans.

Learn more about YearCompass here

Nomatic Planner - Scheduling and Goal Setting Planner

The Nomatic Planner is a multi-functional journal and annual planner. It has unique features like a whiteboard pages, pen holder, perforated pages, and back pocket. The planner includes monthly and weekly pages, lined and blank pages, to do lists, and space to set goals as well as track your progress. Available in black and mint.

Learn more about the Nomatic Planner here

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Printable Planners

The Everyday Planner has a unique page for each day of the week. Each day features sections for daily habits, hourly schedule, daily goals, to do list, and important notes, plus space to record meal plans, exercise, and even water intake. Print your planners as needed with these printable planners on Etsy.

Sweet Water Decor Planner 2019

This is a cute hard cover, spiral bound planner for January through December 2019. It features monthly overviews, a list of holidays, monthly and weekly calendars, to do lists, monthly notes pages, and pages to set goals.

Learn more about this planner on Etsy

Get To Work Book - Daily Plans and Goal Setting


The GET TO WORK BOOK® is a daily planner and goal setting workbook designed to help you make progress on your big goals, one day at a time. It includes monthly, weekly, and year overview pages. There are also project-specific pages. It’s available for January through December as well as July through June (for the school calendar).

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  • Michelle Chang