Our “Where’s My Bag?” series highlights Clark & Mayfield handbags in interesting locations around the world. This is a guest post by Rachel McGehee of Rebel + Connect. Rachel co-founded the Remote Work Summit, which took place in Guatemala last month. In this post, she shares her visit to a conference in New Orleans, Louisiana with the Clark & Mayfield Hawthorne laptop handbag.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, often times referred to as “The Big Easy,” is known for its vibrant nightlife that never seems to sleep, cuisine as rich as its history and culture, and a live-music scene unmatched by some of the top cities around the globe. The city mixes French, African and American cultures, creating a unique energy that can be seen, felt and heard.

No matter what cards Mother Nature often deals to New Orleans, the joy and creativity can’t be stopped. The city is known for a variety of festivals and celebrations, including Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest.

Why I Went

I found myself in New Orleans recently for a business trip. My co-founders and I were attending Collision Conference, North America’s fastest growing tech conference, which was also conveniently scheduled the week in between weekends one and two of Jazz Fest.

One of the best parts about New Orleans is simply wandering the streets to see what you might find. The street performers are often times better than a high-priced show on Broadway, and you can stumble into most any restaurant and enjoy a delicious and authentic New Orleans meal.

While I could have gotten lost in the French Quarter all day and never left Frenchman street at night, I was there primarily for business. My Clark & Mayfield Hawthorne bag made it easy to keep everything I needed with me and organized. I could fit my 15” Macbook in the center pocket when I needed to and organize all my other necessities in the surrounding pockets. If you’ve ever been to a conference for work, you know you’ll end up with a plethora of business cards. I had an easy-to-access internal pocket that was great for slipping business cards in so they didn’t end up crushed or lost at the bottom of my bag. One of my favorite things about the bag is the strap on the back that slides perfectly over the handle of my rolling carry-on bag. This made rolling through the airport and over New Orleans cobblestone streets a breeze.

I highly recommend exploring New Orleans, and it’s great with a Clark & Mayfield bag.

~ Rachel McGehee

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