Where's My Bag: My Germany Vacation

Where's My Bag: My Germany Vacation

Our Where's My Bag series features Clark & Mayfield bags in different places around the world. For this installment, Cate Brubaker of MyGermanyVacation tried out our Reed laptop backpack on her Winter trip to Germany.

Here's what Cate had to say...

Cate Brubaker MyGermanyVacations

"This pack is big enough that I was able to use just the pack and the carry-on suitcase for my 2-week winter trip to Germany...

I used this pack as my personal item while flying to Germany, as a day pack while in Germany, and as my bag for groceries."

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"I LOVED the pockets! That’s one thing I always look for in a pack because they help me stay organized. I really appreciate the interior mesh pockets."

"Another feature that I love is the luggage flap, which enables you to slip the backpack onto your suitcase! Even though it was comfortable to wear the pack while I was in transit, I so enjoyed having the option to place the pack on my suitcase, especially when waiting in line in hot and stuffy airports and boarding planes (no more hitting people with my pack as I walk down the aisle)."

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"Overall, I’m quite smitten with this pack and plan to take it with me on my upcoming spring trip."

~ Cate Brubaker of MyGermanyVacation.com

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