10 Smart Ways to Start Making Money from Home

10 Smart Ways to Start Making Money from Home

Most stay-at-home moms admit that being with baby 24/7 is both a blessing and a curse. In other words, while there’s no denying the joy of spending so much time with your little one, the constant caretaking can be exhausting.

More and more, full-time moms are finding clever ways to make money while at home with kids. If you can increase your cash flow and take care of your child at the same time, you can’t help but feel more productive and less isolated (and cut off from the outside world).

The key to success is to find a position that sparks your interest and takes advantage of your particular skill set. So let’s get the wheels turning with 10 clever ways to start making money from home:

Hang out with kids

Consider inviting one or two more kiddos to your home for a scheduled playgroup. Busy moms will be grateful (and eager to pay) for decent, reliable daycare, whether it’s for 1 hour or 5.  What’s more, adding another child or two to the mix will provide vital social interaction for your own little one. 

Assist businesses

Are you a master of organization and always keep to a deadline? If so, how about getting paid to help a business stay on track by performing remote office tasks?

There’s no one type of VA (Virtual Assistant), which means you’re bound to find a position that will appeal to you and match your skill set. What’s more, you can choose a short- or long- terms position depending on your availability.

Teach English

Even if you’ve never stepped foot in a classroom, you can still be hired to teach English to international students. In most instances you’ll be given all the teaching materials and support that you need to create a successful and lively virtual classroom.

In fact, this is such a popular gig that we recommend checking out online reviews of the most popular online language platforms. With a little effort you’ll find the one that’s right for you.

Write articles

Got a hankering to see your words in print? Try writing content for different websites, like ones feature lifestyle reports, fashion reviews, business articles, humor pieces and more. 

Complete surveys

It may seem too good to be true, but you can get paid to answer online surveys. The only thing you need is time and patience, as some of the surveys run long and aren’t always the most stimulating. That said, check out the various options and you can start earning money today.

Walk dogs

Being a dog-walker has multiple advantages: you have a legit excuse to take in some fresh air and get some exercise, you have a built-in social obligation, and you get to soak up a tremendous amount of affection from your four-legged pals.

Of course, since you’ll have your little one with you, be sure to only hook up with the kid-friendly dogs in your neighborhood.

Edit material

Do your friends ask you to proofread their written documents because you’re a stickler for grammar? Can you spot a run-on sentence from a mile away?  If so, consider a job as a freelance editor or proofreader.

Lots of companies are eager for a second set of eyes to read over correspondence, articles, reports, and more. With opportunities popping up in various fields (business, medical, entertainment, lifestyle etc.), take the time to find the position that fits your particular needs. 

Review books

Turn your passion for reading into cash! Whether you’re a lover of romance novels, historical accounts, or self-help stories, you can get paid to craft books reviews. Depending on the employer, you may be given books for free or receive Amazon gift cards as incentives!

File tax reports

Got a head for numbers? How about offering to do tax reports for your friends and family? Certainly, for those of us who have trouble balancing our checkbooks every month, finding a capable and personable accountant is like a dream come true.

Since the busy tax season lasts just a few months, you’ll have ample time to pursue other money-making opportunities as well. 

Become an author

If you have a niche expertise -- like photography, baking, or fixing bicycles – try writing about it and publishing an e-book! You’ll be surprised as just how many folks are eager to learn what you know and are willing to pay for the knowledge! To get started, check out the different types of e-publishers and be sure to refer to their submission guidelines.

mom working online

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The opportunity is out there

Being a full-time mom is physically demanding, emotionally charged, and time consuming. That said, many stay-at-home moms have the desire (and/or the need) to also do something that will bring in some cash. Luckily, there are plenty of side-gigs to choose from; all it takes is a bit of research (and some creative scheduling) to find the type of job that suits your needs.

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