How do you know whether a laptop or tablet is right for you? Should you spend the extra money for a laptop or will a tablet do just fine?

The most important deciding factor when choosing between a tablet or a laptop is how you want to interact with it. Once you know your primary purpose for using the technology, your choice is clear.


The general rule of thumb is that laptops are better for doing work that involves using multiple programs at once (for example: copying and pasting from an internet browser into a Word document). Typing is also easier on a laptop, but these days it's not hard to get a tablet with a keyboard attachment. If your primary purpose is to do text-based work, then stick with a laptop. Memory storage and processing speeds are going to be better than on a tablet as well.


Tablets are best when your primary use is for entertainment: looking at photos, watching movies, reading books, doodling, and playing games. While it's certainly possible to manage e-mails and create documents, these things can get more cumbersome on a tablet. Of course, the pros of a tablet are that it's lighter and portable than most laptops. There are also some fun apps and creative tools that are only available for tablets. 


A laptop or tablet is a helpful tool you can use on a daily basis. Ensure you get what's right for you and your family by taking these key differences into consideration before making a purchase. 


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  • Michelle Chang