The “Laptop lifestyle” basically refers to living your life on a laptop. Most often, it means earning a living through online work.

Even if we're not mobile entrepreneurs or remote workers, most of us still use a mobile device for news, shopping, entertainment, and staying connected with friends and family. In other words, the laptop lifestyle touches us all to some extent.

This new lifestyle trend is, of course, made possible by advances in mobile technology and the internet, paired with the growing millennial mindset that seeks freedom and flexibility.

Perhaps you've noticed that more and more people - young and old - are shifting from work in traditional offices to work that isn't tethered to a particular location. Some are branching out on their own as freelancers or entrepreneurs, while others stick with a company that has work-from-home options or operates with a completely remote team.

If this is new and interesting to you, check out more on digital nomads and location independence, two more terms related to the laptop lifestyle that are becoming more popular. You'll find that the options for work and lifestyle are endless, thanks to this one tool: our laptops.

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  • Michelle Chang