Laptop Bags That Can Carry Your Whole Remote Office

Laptop Bags That Can Carry Your Whole Remote Office

The popularity of remote work is blossoming these days. Whether you work for a company or for yourself, there’s a good bet that a laptop is central to your work. Your “office” is mobile and flexible.

Which is great.

Except the laptop is rarely the only thing you need to cart around to client meetings, coffee shops, and coworking spaces. There’s also the smartphone, the headphones, the notebooks, pens, and other daily necessities. Maybe a camera or coffee mug.

If you’re like most laptop laborers, your posture is starting to suffer. So you might throw in a portable laptop stand, ergonomic keyboard, and wireless mouse.

These things add up.

So how do you carry your whole remote office from place to place?

The answer is a well designed laptop carry-all bag.

Fortunately, laptop bags are not all boring, boxy briefcases anymore. At Clark & Mayfield we have an entire collection of stylish handbags, totes, and wheeled carry on bags that are versatile and beautiful. They protect your tech, organize your accessories, and can keep up with your busy life.

You have choices: Leather or nylon. Classic black, muted tones, or bold hues. Shoulder bag, backpack, or rolling bag. Medium carry-all or extra large.

Find the bag that suits you and your remote workspace the best.

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  • Michelle Chang