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At Clark & Mayfield, we're all about the laptop lifestyle. Our tech-friendly handbags are crafted to blend practicality with style. And we're always on the look-out for other head-turning laptop accessories. These are some of our favorite laptop skins and accessories that are not only useful but beautiful, too.

Laptop Skins

Why use a laptop skin? It's a great way to "dress up" your computer and give it your own unique flare. In addition, laptop skins protect the outside of your laptop from scratches. Most skins can be easily removed so if you ever want to resell your laptop, it will be in great shape.

We like the vintage vinyl decals by TaylorHe. They're affordable and come in a variety of patterns.

Another great place to look for beautiful laptop skin designs in Etsy.

Keyboard Skins

Using a removable keyboard skin is great for keeping out the crumbs and other grit that always seems to find its way into the crannies of your keyboard keys. More importantly, they're waterproof so when you accidentally spill coffee, your keyboard stays protected. You can easily remove the keyboard skin to wash it. And it gives your computer a cool look, too! 

There are a variety of different keyboard skin styles on Amazon

As a bonus, you can often find matching laptop and keyboard skins to tie the whole look together, like this city rain set:

Matching Mouse and Mouse Pad

What better way to brighten your workspace up than a matching mouse and mouse pad? Even if there's a track pad on your laptop, using a mouse can be easier on your hand and posture. We love the cute chevron design here:

Cord Keepers

Tech devices tend to require lots of cords and cables, and that can get messy. One of the best ways to keep your work space sleek and simple is to tame those tangles with a cord organizer. We like the elegance of this magnetic option, which can suction to your table or wall. Laptop, phone, printer, and charger cords will magnetize to it and be right where you need them.

What about laptop sleeves or cases?

Thanks to the padded laptop sleeves in our handbags, there's no need for an extra case! Just slide your laptop into one of our bags and you can tote it anywhere, safe and secure. 

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