With your demanding schedule, you can’t afford to be unorganized. Specially designed pockets, compartments, and laptop sleeves make Clark & Mayfield handbags a vital part of your work and travels. But handbags have a tendency to get cluttered.

With just a little effort up front, you can set up a system to keep your things in order and truly make your bag work for you.

Here are our top tips for how to best organize your handbag:

  1. If you’ve been using the handbag, start by emptying it out completely.

  2. Separate things by category so you can store each group in its own pocket or compartment. For example:

    • Pharmacy, first aid, and feminine hygiene products go well in the hidden zipper pocket found inside the back panel of most C&M bags.

    • Many C&M bags have a set of three large bucket pockets inside the front of the bag. Choose a theme for each one: thumb drives, cords and chargers; mini notebooks, receipts, and checkbook; mirror and make up.

    • C&M bags typically have specially designed wallet-style pockets either inside the main compartment or on a front pocket. There you’ll find the perfect place for your favorite pens, frequently used membership cards, passport, sunglasses, and other every-day items.

    • Consider adding an envelope or thin tabbed accordion folder in the main compartment to keep receipts, business cards, or other paper items you find yourself collecting over time.

    • You may want to use smaller pouches and compartments to hold groups of smaller items. For example:

      • Sunglass cases can hold sets of cords for electronics

      • Mint tins are good for keeping business cards or punch cards in order

      • Change pouches are also helpful for coins

  3. Choose an easy access location for your cell phone and keys, and commit to always returning them to the same place.

  4. At the end of each day, be sure to pull out trash and any other things you don’t intend to keep in your purse long-term. This way, you can easily prevent a build up of clutter.

  5. If necessary, keep a box or file of items you’ll need on certain occasions but don’t want to keep in your bag permanently. For example, a small box of gift certificates, punch cards, and membership cards can be handy to pull from when you have occasion to visit that specific business. This could be kept on your desk, by the back door, or even in your car.

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  • Michelle Chang