Even if staying fit and healthy is a high priority for you, sometimes those health goals go out the window when you start traveling or the weather outside gets unbearable. It can help to think of how to remove some of the new obstacles and restrictions that come with trying to exercise in these situations. That's why we've reviewed some of the best fitness programs out there and hand-picked the ones that you can do pretty much anywhere - regardless of the equipment or space that you have access to.

Next time you travel for work, go on vacation, or just need an extra push to exercise indoors, consider one of these work out programs to keep you moving:

Focus T25

Focus T25 with Shaun T is great for general fitness and variety in a short amount of time. 9 of the first 11 video work outs don't require any equipment and they have optional modified exercises if you want a lower impact work out. If you follow the full program, it takes you through 14 weeks, getting more challenging each month. 

This is a great program to take with you on a tablet or laptop when you travel. Just make sure you book a first floor hotel room, use the gym, or find an outdoor space so you're not disturbing people below you when you jump around.

Ripped In 30

Jillian Michaels' Ripped In 30 program is another good one for general fitness, combine cardio, strength training, and ab work. This is a four-week series with one new video each week, getting progressively more challenging. 

Again, if you'll want to be conscious of doing these work outs if there are rooms below you. Additionally, they all require a set of small weights, but you could always substitute temporarily with something else - like two full waterbottles - if needed.

Zumba or Cize

You can often find Zumba classes offered at local gyms or resort fitness centers when you travel, but if you prefer to bring this fun dance-centered work out into your own space, then try the Zumba work out videos, or Shaun T's "Cize" dance videos. No equipment is necessary, just a little bit of space to move around.

Youtube Yoga

Assuming you have access to internet on your device at home or in the hotel, you'll find a wide variety of free and paid work out videos to choose from on Youtube. For example, you can try the BeFit channel's playlist of over 100 yoga videos - most of which are under 15 minutes. Or for something more structured, try the 30 days of Yoga With Adrienne.


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  • Michelle Chang