Many of us in the Clark & Mayfield community are teachers - or we have little ones attending school - or maybe we're simply concerned citizens who want to see our schools thrive. With the complications and struggles in our education system today, it's nice to know that there's a non-political way to support our schools with

About was founded by a first-year teacher at a low-income public school in the Bronx. He saw how the passion that he and his fellow teachers had, was getting frustrated by a lack of resources. To solve the problem he pioneered crowdsourcing for teachers, connecting donors to the classroom projects and wish lists of teachers in New York. His rudimentary crowd-sourcing charity website quickly drew attention and gained the backing of big time venture capitalists and even landed itself on the Oprah Winfrey show.

Today, has raised hundreds of millions of dollars, helping hundreds of thousands of teachers fund projects around the country. 

Examples of funded projects include: 

  • an incubator for hatching baby chicks,
  • acryllic paints for a classroom mural,
  • library books,
  • gardening supplies,
  • and even field trip funds. 

How to Use

For teachers looking to get their students what they need, post a project on the website and multiply your own network with the huge community on Once the project is funded, they'll ship you the supplies. All you have to do in return is write thank you notes to donors with your students and take some pictures of the projects in action! 

If you're looking to make an impact on education, browse the site for a classroom to support. You can filter your search by subject, grade level, type of resource needed, or dollar amount needed. If you know a teacher who is participating, look up their school or zip code. You can give any amount to a project that inspires you.

Gift cards are also available, so you can share the joy of giving with friends and family. Send them a card and they'll get to pick a project to send the funds to. It's a perfect present for someone who is too hard to shop for because they "have it all."


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  • Michelle Chang