Time to start packing for a new year of dorm life? Here are five items for your studies that should be on your packing list this Fall:

Laptop or Tablet

These days, almost every assignment is done on a computer. Most schools will have computer labs if you need, but a device of your own allows you to study anywhere you want. You may want to opt for a tablet for price reasons, just make sure you have a keyboard attachment and check its ability to copy and paste from one application to another. Otherwise, writing papers without these two functions can be a big pain!

A Calendar or Planner

For many freshmen, the pace of college can be a bit overwhelming at first. Set yourself up with a good system for keeping track of your class schedule, homework, and extra-curriculars.

A Good Carry-All Bag

The traditional college carry-all is a backpack, but at Clark & Mayfield we can hook you up with something more fashionable (and still just as practical). You'll be toting around heavy textbooks plus a wide assortment of supplies and maybe the occasional gym outfit. Our handbags will fit your laptop or tablet - no matter how big - and still have plenty of room to keep your other necessities organized.


College homework often involves a lot more reading than you may be used to. Highlighting key points as you go makes it much easier to skim back over and remember the most crucial concepts.

Notebooks, Binders, and Folders

With multiple classes and new assignments being thrown at you every week, it's smart to sort your papers and notes by class. Keep everything in its place and you'll be less likely to forget the requirements for that essay that's due tomorrow!

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  • Michelle Chang