If you have the opportunity to travel for work, a business travel packing list can save you time on packing and ensure you don't overlook something important. In addition to our suggested packing list for a four day work trip, here are a few tips for smart business travel packing:

Step One: Choose Travel Luggage Wisely

The right business travel luggage is all about efficiency. If you can fit your clothing, supplies for work, and toiletries into a single carry on, there's no need to pay for and wait on a checked bag during your trip. 

For longer or more involved business travel, you may require a checked bag separate from your carry-on. In our opinion, the best business travel carry on will always include a laptop sleeve and a strap that can slide over the handle of rolling luggage. This way, the carry on bag can double as a purse as well as make it easy to retrieve your computer, tablet, and phone at the security line.

Step Two: Minimize Your Travel Essentials 

The temptation is real to over-pack with extra things you might possibly need. But packing for a business trip wisely means only taking what you will really use and getting creative with the rest.

If you can't live without a hair dryer, then make sure to book a hotel that provides one. If you absolutely need a hair straightener or curler to look presentable, find a travel sized version that won't take up too much space. Pair down your make up bag to just one of each cosmetic - one lipstick, one mascara, etc. 

Step Three: Chose Your Business Travel Wardrobe

Women's business travel clothing is, of course, an important aspect of the business travel packing list. First, determine how many outfits you will need. Then, find items in your wardrobe that mix and match well together, so you can reuse a few pieces and save space.

> If you're looking for women's business travel clothing ideas, check out our What To Wear To Work pinterest board!

The following is a business travel packing list example for women traveling for a four day work trip:


  • 2 work bottoms (slacks or skirt)

  • 4 work tops that coordinate with bottoms

  • 1 sweater that coordinates with outfits

  • 1 blazer or suit jacket, if necessary

  • 1 pair of comfortable work shoes that coordinate with all outfits

  • 1 pair of jeans or yoga pants for off times

  • 1 pair of running shoes for off times

  • Undergarments and socks for each day

  • 1 lightweight, quick-dry work out outfit

  • 1 set of PJs

  • 1 water-resistant jacket, depending on climate


  • razor

  • comb/brush

  • toothpaste, toothbrush, floss

  • deodorant

  • small pill kit (Advil, Imodium, prescriptions, etc.)

  • glasses/contacts, travel sized contact solution

  • one day's worth of emergency pads/tampons

  • razor

Make up (one of each):

  • foundation

  • powder

  • mascara

  • eye liner

  • blush

  • eye shadow


  • laptop and charger

  • phone and charger


  • water bottle

  • journal

  • notebook

  • book or Kindle

  • headphones

  • USB flashdrive

  • Compact umbrella

  • Envelope to keep receipts for expense reporting

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  • Michelle Chang