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Have your kids ever told you, "I'm bored?" Do they run out of things to do (other than watch TV or play with the iPad)? Try this trick so you always have something on hand to keep them active: a Boredom Jar.

A Boredom Jar is an easy way to come up with lots of possible activities at one time, which you can use over and over again whenever you run into a "rainy day" situation. This is also a great tool for babysitters to keep on hand.

To make a Boredom Jar, simply reuse a cleaned peanut butter-sized jar and decorate it as much as you like. Then write out or print a list of activities and cut them into individual strips. Fill the jar with these activity suggestions and whenever someone cries "boredom!" have them pull a strip of paper out of the jar to find out their "challenge."

For ideas on what activities to include in a boredom jar, check out these lists:


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  • Michelle Chang