Having the right bag for your laptop/work items is important, but so is finding a good temporary workspace where you can concentrate when you’re traveling or looking for a change of scenery.

Here are a few things to consider when looking for a new go-to spot:

  • Free wifi (surprisingly, there are still a number of places that don’t make this available)
  • Accessible outlets (anyone been procrastinating about getting a new laptop battery?)
  • Comfortable seating and standup workspace options (think high counters)
  • Great food and delicious drinks (in Portland, we never worry about meeting this requirement)
  • A welcoming and comfortable ambience 
  • Music that’s pleasant but not distracting

Random Order Coffeehouse & Bakery is one place in Portland, Oregon that meets everything on our wishlist. They’re known for their delicious, sweet and savory pies, which we highly recommend. They also serve excellent coffee (from Water Avenue Coffee Company) and are located on the vibrant and popular Alberta Street.

Tea Chai Te is also a local favorite of ours. For those who prefer tea to coffee, their menu is impressive. Tucked away on the top floor of a quaint building on NW 23rd, they even offer great balcony seating in the warmer months.

Sniff Dog Hotel’s cafe definitely doesn’t disappoint, especially when it comes to the ambience factor. Here you can work and sip a latte while watching adorable dogs run around in the boutique’s high-end doggie daycare complete with an indoor park. They also offer happy hour Monday through Friday from 5:00-7:00PM. (And if you happen to have a dog, he/she can play in one of their indoor parks for free during this time.)

We also think the idea of SpareChair is pretty neat.

Want to give your favorite temporary workspace a shout-out? Head over to our Facebook page and tell us about the city spots you frequent.

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