For more than 10 years, we’ve been perfecting the craft of smart and durable design so you can focus on work, family and the future. That's why we've chosen top grain leather for many of our laptop handbags.

Leather provides a number of benefits.


Leather looks great. It's fashionable for a night out on the town, while still fitting in well in more formal or corporate settings. 


Leather is sturdy, yet not too stiff. Clark & Mayfield bags stand upright on their own and hold their shape. But the leather exterior allows some give and take. This is helpful when the bag needs to squeeze into a small space or needs to be stuffed full from time to time.


Leather is one of the most hard-wearing materials. It is resistant to water as well as to excess scuffing. While the texture of a leather bag can spoil if it comes in contact with too much water, you can be sure that your laptop inside will avoid water damage. Our bags also come with padded laptop sleeves and durable handles, which can easily support the weight of a computer and other accessories.

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  • Michelle Chang