Are you a parent who works full time? Some jobs require a lot of traveling (and/or extra hours), which can be particularly challenging for those of us who have children. While there’s no way to be two places at once, here are some ways to feel connected to your family when you’re away:

1.) Opt for a FaceTime call at the end of each day. Even if your conversations are short, it’s a great way to touch base and pick up on non-verbal cues about how your kids are doing.

2.) Bring back souvenirs from the places you been. This is a simple yet thoughtful way to show your children you were thinking of them while you were gone.

3.) Choose a book you and your kid(s) can read separately (but simultaneously). Agree to read a certain number of chapters each day, so you can discuss the book at the same pace.

4.) Create a private Instagram account where you can share photos of your trip in real time. It only takes a second to post a picture, and it’s considerably more personal than sharing things on Facebook.

5.) Encourage your kid(s) to keep a journal that they can write in each day. This will give them a chance to keep track of how they’re feeling and to document things they might want to talk to you about when you get back home.

Do you have anything to add?

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  • Lauri DeLaczay