Making a positive impact in the world doesn't have to be a huge, overwhelming task. Instead, you can make a difference little by little with the things you do every day. Try these simple smartphone apps to make giving back a breeze:

Charity Miles

What a winning combination! With Charity Miles, you can stay fit and active while making a difference. For every mile you run, walk the dog, or bike, you'll be earning money for a world-class charity, funded by the app's sponsors. Track your distance and contribute to charity all in one.


Are you itching to give your time and skills, but not sure where to channel them? Volunteer Match will help you find a cause that lights you up and get you in touch with a nearby nonprofit that needs you.

So far, they've matched over 11 million volunteers. Why not join them? Find your perfect match.


Here's an app that helps you find little ways to give by taking on mini challenges that free up money to support the causes you love. Over time, those "micro donations" will add up to significant impact!

The Instead app suggests small alternative actions you can do to save money on purchases, like brewing your own coffee, packing your lunch, or renting a movie. Each time you accept a challenge, log it in the app and donate the few bucks you saved.


Ever have that feeling that more of your trash could probably be recycled, if you only knew where to send things like worn out clothing, electronic gadgets, and other obscure items? The iRecycle app helps you access convenient recycling opportunities for over 350 materials anywhere in the U.S. 

Social Impact

Whether you're shopping for a shirt or going out for coffee, you can choose to support businesses that serve a greater good. But how do you find these places? The Social Impact app uses the GPS feature in your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to display retail social enterprises that are closest to you. Whatever product or service you have in mind, check this app to find out where you can find it at a responsible, socially conscious business.

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  • Michelle Chang