9 Useful Accessories for Work

9 Useful Accessories for Work

Who doesn't want to be organized, well-equipped, and looking stylish at work?  

Of course, each person's job is different, so the tools and accessories essential to work may vary from person to person. But we've narrowed down our list to 9 smart accessories that are sure to be useful to the majority of us.

You'll find that some of the things we use every day can easily be elevated to a treasured accessory by selecting items that are useful, aesthetically pleasing, and have a personal touch.

A Personal Planner

planner work accesories

While much of our world is digital these days, a physical planner is still essential for many of us. A planner is where we can jot down notes and keep track of appointments.

Check out our reviews of different planners here

iPad Pro

 An Apple iPad Pro is a powerful tool that lets you work on creative projects, message clients, take a meeting on FaceTime, and more, whether you're sitting at your desk or walking down the hall. With the Apple pencil, you can take notes or sketch out an idea on the iPad with ease.

The iPad is great for business as well as pleasure, and there are several different options available. The iPad Pro excels in computing power and visual specs, which is why it's great for business people, entrepreneurs, and creatives.

Portfolio Tablet Holder

When you have the two accessories above, it's helpful to use a portfolio case that holds your iPad, planner, and other necessities. The folio carries your essentials in one organized, streamlined case so it's all you need when you show up to meetings or interviews. 

When you have more to carry, slide the portfolio case into your laptop handbag or rolling briefcase with the rest of your items. More on that next...

Professional Laptop Bag

rolling laptop bag

When a purse is too small and a briefcase too unrefined, a stylish laptop bag fits the bill perfectly. At Clark & Mayfield, we have beautiful and spacious rolling laptop bags, carry-all handbags, and laptop backpacks.

This is a must have work accessory for just about every professional woman. With smart purse pockets, padded sleeves for your tech, and travel-friendly features, our laptop bags carry your essentials in style. 

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A Nice Pen

We use pens every day. A stylish, smooth-writing ballpoint is a simple but noticeable pleasure compared to the cheap, scratchy options we usually end up with. Consider treating yourself to a nice, quick-drying, smooth-lined pen for work, like this one in rose gold.

A Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers are great for tracking your steps, heart rate, sleep, and more, while doubling as a watch.

Not all fitness trackers may feel professional and stylish enough to wear in formal work settings. However, the slim Fitbit Alta offers a collection of accessory bands to change out for different outfits and occasions. 

The Alta is waterproof, provides motivating health data, syncs easily to a computer, and has a 5-day battery life. 


A To Go Mug

A hot beverage, be it coffee or tea, is a favorite daily ritual for many of us at work and at home. Bringing your own portable to-go cup is a great way to reduce the use of disposables and personalize something you likely use every day.

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A Lunch Bag

If you bring your lunch or a snack to work, why not find a stylish and reusable lunch box or bag. A nice insulated bag should be easy to wash. There are all different shapes and fun patterns to choose from. These cute roll-top lunch bags can even be clipped onto a bike handle or hang on a hook.

A Phone Wallet

Add some protection, extra storage, and personal style to your phone by carrying it in a wallet case. You can choose from open cases with a sleeve on the back for credit cards, to a full wallet that snaps closed around your phone with a magnet. Choose from a wide variety of colors, patterns, and features to meet your needs and your personal style.

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