In the eclectic and forward-thinking hometown of Clark & Mayfield, the days are becoming long and sunny and flowers are in full bloom. This is the season that more and more visitors flock to this lively corner of the Pacific Northwest to enjoy all that Portland has to offer.

If you find yourself in the City of Roses, here are some of our top recommendations for getting a "truly Portland" experience.

Food Carts

A "foodie town" to begin with, Portland's food cart scene has reached global acclaim, with more than 600 restaurants on wheels across the city. Often grouped in pods, wherever you are in Portland, you're probably not far from a few food carts. Find a pod near you and order some dishes to sample from their tiny, mobile kitchens.

Powell's Bookstore

Loyal proponents of all things local and privately-owned, Portlanders have undoubtedly been key in keeping around one of the few remaining independent, brick-and-mortar book stores in the age of Amazon.com. And it's a big one! Powell's City of Books has expanded to a total of five locations, but the original store on Burnside spans an entire city block and is a popular destination unto itself.

The Neighborhoods

If there's one thing that keeps this relatively small city down-to-earth and full of life, it's the pockets of charming neighborhoods. With trendy shops, restaurants, and cozy cafes, Portland's signature neighborhoods provide a healthy balance of commercial activity and residential zones, full of character.

Don't leave Portland without perusing a few of these neighborhoods, like Mississippi Street, the Alberta Arts District, Hawthorne, Sellwood, or NW 23rd. Pick up some local treasures, window shop, grab a bite to eat, or get some exercise while admiring the variety of homes.


From hipster donuts and craft coffee to new wave international fusion dishes, Portland has been prominent on the forefront of "foodie" culture. With an emphasis on fresh, local ingredients, you'll be sure to find plenty of excellent eateries to suit your tastes in this city.


If you're a lover of beer, Portland has frequently been rated one of the best "beer cities." With over 60 brewing establishments in town, Portland is leading the way in the craft beer world (and even producing gluten free options).

The Great Outdoors

This city wouldn't be nearly as attractive if it wasn't surrounded by the lush greenery of the Willamette Valley and less than two hours from ski hills, ocean, high desert, and numerous lakes and rivers. Be sure to take advantage of the wonderful opportunities to get outside in Portland and beyond!



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  • Michelle Chang