Our line of laptop handbags are designed to be versatile. Here are the top five most popular uses for Clark & Mayfield bags: 

The perfect assistant: Work Bag

The Perfect Assistant (minus the attitude.) Holds everything without being asked. Makes you look good and feel confident. Knows what you're thinking and where you put everything, even your e-reader. Protects your laptop at all costs and organizes the details you don't have time for. Hang on tight. Good help is hard to find!

The carry all: Day Trip Bag

A present-day pioneer with creative, west coast style. Industrial metalware and sensible top-stitching paired with luxurious leather tackle all types of conditions. Tuck away daily provisions, laptop and phone in generous pockets and go forth. Westward ho!

The conference companion: Rolling Briefcase

Perfection on Wheels: This rolling laptop bag outperforms itself and radiates refinement. With classic lines, enduring metal details, and a sturdy trolley handle, this bag is going places. Whether you’re presenting to clients or rushing from one workshop to the next, organization is essential and efficiency is paramount. Stacks of pockets and two separate partitions offer padded space for a large laptop and leave room for collateral materials. Roll with it!

The travel tote: Carry-on Bag

With a flight to catch, you can’t afford to be unorganized. Compartments, padding and refinements make this bag a vital part of your travels. Leather exterior with a perfectly designed interior padded space for a large laptop and accessories. Slips easily over rolling luggage with pockets for boarding passes, passport, phone, snacks, and more. Taxi! 

The every-day side-kick: Classic Handbag

Predictability is Key: Keep things as simple and classic as possible. A favorite food cart, a beloved coffee shop. Surround yourself with quality items that suit your demanding agenda. As you power headlong into your week, slip last-minute water bottles, gym clothes and keys into thoughtfully crafted compartments you can build a routine around. Simple as that.

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  • Michelle Chang