Do you feel like there are never enough hours in the day? Do you wonder where all your times goes? Many of us are constantly on the go, with our schedules filled to the brim. But there's a good chance we may not be making the best use of our time.

According to habit and life change researchers, "monitoring" is a key step in making change. When it comes to time, tracking how you spend it is a simple activity that can help you be more aware of where your hours go and motivate you to be more intentional.


Toggl helps you time each activity you do to keep a record of how much effort you're spending on different activities or projects. It's easy to use, whether on the web or from your smartphone. Just type in what you're working on and hit start. You can categorize projects, edit start and end times after-the-fact, and run reports to see how your time adds up.

The app is designed for businesses and freelancers. But you can track whatever you want - commute time, how long you look at Facebook, how often you get to work on a hobby.

Try it for a week and see where your time goes. Then sit down and evaluate if you're happy continuing in the same direction. Are there less important activities that are getting in the way of using your hours for the things you love?


The Moment app helps you reclaim time spent on the iPhone or iPad. These days, most of us rely on our phones for just about everything. It's easy to get sucked in and waste time staring at the screen as real life passes us by.

This app tracks the time you spend on your phone each day. If you want to set a limit, the app will notify you when you go over time. It can even kick you off your device when you've spent too much time on it. 

Try tracking your phone time for a week and see what you think. Then you can decide if you want to set a limit for yourself to reclaim more time for other things.

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  • Michelle Chang